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Thread: Vassily Solovyov: "You Can't Tell the Truth About Figure Skaters"

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwertyskates View Post
    Adelina deserves her TES because her jumps were the biggest of all the ladies [... ...]
    And she had the most precise two-foot landing ever, perfect place and time

    Relax, Adelina Sotnikova is the last to worry about. Remember that the biggest part of Yuna, Caro, and elegant skate lovers will most likely retire after this season. Plus, being hated or disliked by the West will push Adelina's popularity sky-high at home and also an international fan base is forming; because of all the noise, there are tons brought up by their protective insticts (I don't mean you of course) to defend the poor criticised girl. Believe me, she'll get standing ovations merely for stepping on the ice the next event where she shows up

    I rather wonder if the place would be sold out then

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwertyskates View Post
    THIS...sums up my views too. Those of us who thought Adelina deserved the gold saw a better skate from her, and the reverse is of course also true. Opinions can be subjective.

    However, the arguments, eg. PCS inflation outrage, Levels cherry picking, don't make sense as others have enjoyed even higher PCS inflation without any controversies. Adelina deserves her TES because her jumps were the biggest of all the ladies that evening, she managed to control them too, her spins were fast, positions good, her program was complex and difficult, she skated almost flawlessly, better than Hanyu. Adelina is athletic, and she made it work for her. Her PCS increase I accepted, just as I had accepted Hanyu's spike for GPF to enable him to beat Chan 1.5 months earlier.

    It is a bit shocking for me how Adelina is being torn to pieces, I haven't seen such vendetta, global mobilization and media vitriol blitz directed at any skater, eg. not even when Lysacek won over Plushenko, and Russians are no less passionate about Plushenko.

    She's on her own because unlike Plushenko and Yuna, she hasn't built much of a fan base for herself.

    This bothers me more than the debate over the win, and I just wish the ugliness and endless bashing of any skater, from Russian or elsewhere, will stop.

    I hope this gets saner as Sochi gets further behind us.
    Count me among those who are OK with Adelina winning, but not OK with the judging.

    It's only 4 years since Evan won, but within that time, the sport and the world has changed and progressed. Social media also developed rapidly, even exponentially. There are more instant portals for bitching, complaining, and rumor-mongering than before. Evan wasn't that controversial because he didn't win with a huge margin, and Plush's program was awful (blowing kisses, "flirting" with the audience/judges) and indulgent whose only saving grace is the quad.

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    why am I not surprised about this not being truthful about skaters.

    well in that case most OGM medalist shouldn't have won.

    not being truthful is same as lying and cheating in my book.

    lets see you was truthful about michelle kwan, caroline zhang,

    you are truthful about skaters /teams you don't want up their or win Olympic Gold medal but not the ones you want to win.

    wow. public didn't see this, or maybe figure skating just swept it under rug and called it controversy.

    that is another reason why U.S. public don't get behind the sport. lying(not being truthful about skaters or sport as a whole.

    Image is everything even if you have to lie to portray it and get money, sponsors etc.

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