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Maybe this belongs in the "Stupid Questions" thread but here goes:

An earlier post mentioned that 25 quads under CoP is more impressive than under 6.0. Explanation, please?

Thanks much!
CoP has much more demanding requirements than the 6.0 system. It regards things like more intricate choreography, more complex footwork sequences, spins with greater rotations and positions, less two footed skating, less telegraphing and more difficult entries into jumps, etc. These all tire out skaters much more than if they were stroking around reeling off jumps. Generally, CoP programs are viewed as much harder than their predecessors. However, this added intricacy/difficulty is a bit controversial in that it diminishes programs artistically as there's less time to interpret as more time and energy is expended on difficulty. Quads of course are much more difficult these days in their reduced setup time ... you can see that many skaters will telegraph their quads less and often include footwork before, whereas under 6.0 skaters would motor around the ice and you could see quads coming from a mile away.