Here are some thoughts: The TES score should count more (10%, maybe?) in the short program and the PCS score should count more in the long. Falls should be penalized by 2 points in the long program, to take into account the effect of a fall on overall performance. PCS should be simplified and weighted towards presentation. Skating skills and transitions are hybrids--part tech, part execution. I think skating skills should be a factor in scoring footwork since there seems to be some overlap (TES). Or make it a technical mark of 2 with a +1/-1 factor. The choreography mark is the most pointless and nebulous. Choreo is what it is. The mark should, logically, never change for the same program. And it isn't even the skater's doing, in most cases. I would get rid of it altogether. I am not a transitions mark fan, either. Maybe it should just be part of the short program, since it includes technical elements.