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Thread: The Whole Ten Yards

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    Question The Whole Ten Yards

    It comes out next weekend... it's the movie with Bruce Willis and Matthew Perry (two of my FAVORITE actors!). I really want to see it, but again I have to wait and read some very critical reviews for sexual content and language... that's just me, I'm over 18 so my parents basically say "it's up to you what you want to go see, just remember who's child you are" and it's not like I'm into that kind of garbage anyway.

    Are there any sneak peaks of this happening? LOL I can hardly wait till it comes out... I really really really wanna see Matthew Perry without the other 5 he's normally with(ie his FRIENDS castmates)

    Edited to add I just realized it was the sequel to a movie... DUH... I thought the whole preview thing seemed familiar... however the whole 10 yards is only rated PG-13 so I dunno! LOL
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    The whole Nine Yards was kind of funny, and I liked that it was set in Montreal. I'm wary of sequels though.

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