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Thread: #FirstTweet Skaters edition.

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    #FirstTweet Skaters edition.

    In honors of Twitter's 8th anniversary, they have posted this fun website where you can see people's first tweets...

    It's fun to look back! Doing US Skaters (U.S. National medalists), earliest tweet first.

    Jeremy Abbott
    Happy Birthday to me, I give myself a twitter account!!!
    1:35 PM - 5 Jun 2009

    Madison Hubbell @MadiHubbell
    I can't completely believe that I just got a twitter...
    3:40 PM - 16 Jun 2009

    Joshua Farris @joshDfarris
    I am confused
    5:25 AM - 18 Jun 2009

    Evan Bates
    first tweet: roommate Shibu has embraced his inherent motherly qualities to nurse me back to health. Shibs for J prime minister!
    8:38 PM - 18 Jun 2009

    Charlie White
    Do you have any idea what it's like to only have one person following your twitter?! And trevor young to boot... Haha, I mean- What up trev?
    6:06 PM - 22 Jun 2009

    Ashley Wagner
    Just wanted to give a shout out to Nathalie Boelens, I saw the group she created on Facebook- thanks!
    9:11 AM - 14 Jul 2009

    Alex Shibutani
    is on Twitter. I can't believe this just happened.
    10:22 AM - 27 Aug 2009

    Maia Shibutani
    I am up and running on Twitter! Alex is my first and only follower (so far)....Not sure how I feel about that.
    9:00 AM - 27 Sep 2009

    Meryl Davis
    Wasn't sure the whole twitter thing was for me, but what better way to spread word about helping others...
    3:07 PM - 15 Oct 2009

    Mirai Nagasu
    Hi everyone, I'm on my way to the rink...
    Please take care of me on twitter from now on!!!
    8:34 AM - 3 Feb 2010

    Gracie Gold
    Got home from Ann Arbor yesterday night! Great job everyone! But I miss everyone already!
    12:25 PM - 15 Nov 2010

    Zach Donohue @ZachTDonohue
    Im finally here!
    4:20 PM - 30 Aug 2011

    (Madision Chock (@chockolate02) first tweet was actualy a RT)
    Adam Rippon
    That #AwkwardMoment when they take down all the Lance Armstrong quotes at the Olympic Training Center. #Yikes
    3:56 PM - 24 Aug 2012
    Retweeted by Madison Chock

    Polina Edmunds
    Short program <3
    12:07 PM - 1 Dec 2012 (she posted a photo)

    Max Aaron
    Happy I'm finally on twitter! Getting ready for the show! @johnnygweir @madihubbell @sammicesario @emhughes26 @rossminer @z_donohue
    2:01 PM - 16 Dec 2012

    Jason Brown
    Finally got a twitter! Excited to be here! #betterlatethannever #twitterlessbrown is no longer twitterless!!!
    7:51 AM - 10 Jun 2013

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    Thanks for this list Mrs. P! Love reading their first tweets. Awwww at Jason being the last person from this batch to join twitter. Love his first tweet. He is such a cutie!

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