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It's one thing to argue coherently for your stance, it's another to throw out wildly exaggerated claims.

The media outlets that questioned the results and reported on the suspicions of fraudulent judging included (off the top of my head): CNN, NYTimes (yes, there was an article other than the jumps comparison), the Atlantic, Yahoo, Vanity Fair, New Yorker, USA Today, ESPN, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, the Chicago Tribune, Slate, LATimes. That's covers just about all the major news outlets in the United States and together, reaches nearly all of the U.S population. Add to that several of the most popular skater blogs (The Skating Lesson being one) voiced dissent with the results, and the majority of the commentators (who aren't Korean judging by their grasp of the English grammar) agreed with the dissent. Outside of the US: International Business Times, France's L'Equippe, China's Xinhua, Japan's JapanTimes, the German newspapers, Britain's BBC, which are all national newspapers.

Most of these newspapers didn't tiptoe around the issue. ESPN's headline was "Russian Homecooking", and JapanTimes was "Judges steals Kim's gold and hands it to Sotnikova!". So I'm not sure where you're getting your grandiose claim of "ALMOST ALL the world's mainstream press concurred with the results". What is your statistical notion of "majority of mainstream opinion"? 2?%?
Now all of them are writing the comlaint got dismissed, Adelina is the winner. They were and they are doing media work. Yuna fans keeps embarrassing her with silly math cheat. But its their problem. Not a news anymore.