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Thanks for the additional link, Skatedreamer. I have so far found out nothing further about DG’s death. Was it indeed caused by the 1961 crash that Doris Pulaski referred to in her opening response? Perhaps she was listed among the casualties as Mrs Murray Galbraith. And did her husband perish too? I have Googled for him, but come up with very little. The Historical Dictionary of Figure Skating (James Hines) mentions him en passant in an entry about his more celebrated brother, Sheldon. If both parents died, then Murray junior would probably have been brought up by the German grandparents Goos, who emigrated to New York State in 1922.
My pleasure, RSE! As far as I can tell, Dorothy Goos didn't die in the plane crash; that was one of the things I looked for yesterday. Unfortunately, further research will have to wait as it's time for me to rush off to work.

Full disclosure: looking at my post again, the dates of Goos' skating titles in relation to Edward LeMaire and the crash seem off -- 1961 & 1943 are too far apart, which makes me think I may have mis-read or mis-remembered.