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Thread: Skaters' biggest contributions

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    Skaters' biggest contributions

    Michelle - not only has Michelle been the most consistent skater for a decade but she has raised the bar for sportsmanship, poise and class. She will leave figureskating someday and a stellar role model.


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    Biggest Contributions

    Lulu - Great thread! Here are some names that sprang up in my head:

    Toller Cranston: for bringing expression into mens' skating. Innovative moves like the back catch camel (hand on knee, leg bent in attitude, free hand to heart). We see these kind of catch moves and think nothing of it - but I remember watching Toller in the 70's and it was always amazing (and sometimes uncomfortable) watching him. Also, wasn't he the one who popularized the bent leg scratch?

    Dorothy Hamill: especially for her post-olympic career contribution of shining her light on the beauty of simple, clean and deep skating edges. Also, I think especially in the 80's women's skating became very choppy, jumpy and I think Dorothy's command of the flow on the ice served as a demonstration to American women that excellent basic skating skills must be the base of any skating career.

    Torvill & Dean: true art on ice. I think they elevated the sport as a whole, not just ice dancing.

    The Protopopovs: style, flow, the "grand" statement

    Michelle: the first post-modern skater - I think she brought a whole new, fresh and modern aesthetic to women's skating. Less is more approach, inner-skating, the emotion of skating: I think she embodies these concepts.

    Debbie Thomas: breaking the color barrier - especially for an Olympic medal contender. No doubt about it!

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