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Thread: my thoughts on the ladies

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    my thoughts on the ladies

    I know alot of people want to know my feelings on worlds, as I haven't really done so yet, well what an awesome worlds for the ladies it was!!!

    You just won you first world title. The first for Japan in 10 years! It was wonderful. Japan will win more ladies world titles. The field is soooo Deep(Deeper than America even, I think). Also itsn't it great to finish 1st in the world, I remember when you went to 1998 olympics and compared to Now you've improved 1000% percent. You are totally differnt skater now and I love it. TT must be proud of you, especially since you just recently mad the swich. You are a bona fide "playa" for the OGM in 2006!! I'll be wacthing you very closely for here on out.

    Congradulations on your first world metal!!!! You should be very proud of yourself. Was it me or was I the only one who liked you new dress and Program to Swan lake?? Well the program was amazing!!! LOVED all the in-beweeens and difficult spin postions. However if you had only skated cleanly you may have won your first world title. Keep working with Robin and you'll go far little one. I am proud of you.

    Whatta week!!! You did extreamly well considering, my dear Kween!! Congradulations on your 9th world Medal. You know have a compleate collection of gold, silver, and now bronze. Not many other skaters can say that!! Don't get it twisted, had you not recieved that time deduction in the short you'be been in 2nd going in to the long and you may have had a shot at gold. I thought that was one of you better short programs too. Way better than nats.
    Also Kudos for handleing that whole episode of the crazy nut before your long program. Even if people don't like you skating they can admire your compoosure under pressure, even dangerous situations! You skated great! And even got 6.0s(may be your last ) to boot. This is good for you, now the pressure is OFF of you. You don't have the pressure now of being the reigning world champ. evey time you skate. Use this as an oppertunity to get used to the new judging system and put some more content in to your programs. You will only do that if you do compete more and do the GP next fall. Play time is up if you really want to go after 2006 you will need to listen to Rafafel and compete more so your programs are more "seaseaned" and to get used to COP. You need to put more in-betweens in your programs because COP will reword you this time. Also learn some 3-3s you may need them for COP at Turino. You are a performance driven skater, Your artistry is dirived from your preformance energy keep this in mind when skating for the big titles. So I say to you my dear Kween to experiment next year with you programs, compete more, continue to grace this sport with your talent, compassion, beauty, and Keep the Marosov foot work!!! And remember You are Michelle Kwan, the epitome of Kwansistancy!!!

    Oh my goodness, you are Midori Ito incarnate!!!! This is how it was been like back in '88 when she did 7 triples at the Olympics!!! YOu are really pushing the tehnical evolope. A quad attempt and a difficulte 3-3 done so effortlessly it was not to be believed!! You too are part of this deep japanese team and I am loving it!! I like your presentation, no wonder you won all your compotitions this season. You almost medaled at your first worlds, I wonder what you'll do next year.

    Your fall in the long was one of the worst I've seen in a while.
    You still have the talent but you need to steep it up a few notches if you wanna threaten the big dogs!!

    Of all the ladies I am MOST POUD of YOU!! To just be able to skate. You rock Irina!! Just take some time off and come back Healthy new year. Your CAN threaten the big dogs, in fact you are one of the big dogs!!I think as far as style you need to say in the Carmen/tosca/Seranade more that is your style. Remember you sh. list Exhibiton, make that in to a long and you are well on your way!! Take care and stay healthy. I love you!!!!!

    Come back next year even stronger. I loved your GPFinal win! It wasn't your talent, rather untimely mistakes that cost you a medal here, improve consistancy and you'll be in the mix, don't worry. Japaanese nationals is sooo hard, If I was you I really concentrate hard on that mostly of all your compotitions next year.

    An excellent worlds Sasha is now offically part of skating's elite!! The Japanese ladies are large and in Charge!! Michelle is in a situation where the pressure is OFF of her..what will next season and the 2006 olympics bring??

    Thanks to all those holding down the Kwan:fair and Balanced fort!! Apache88, Hannaclear, mathman, and numerous others!!
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    I thought it was a great worlds as well as my three favorite ladies skaters wound up on the podium. Michelle overcame great difficulty to win her 9th consecutive worlds medal and Sasha and Shizuka joined skating's elite circle, one after a steady climb, the other skyrocketing out of nowhere. I believe Shizuka has opened the floodgates and soon the Japanese ladies will come crashing through. Next year, Ando should be a bona-fide medal contender and Fumie can hopefully pull herself back into contention as well. Should be exciting.

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    I liked Sasha's LP dress... it was nice... I hope she goes with nice costumes next season... and not Tarasova-ised ones!

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    My girl Shizuka takes the golden prize. Loved it. Amazing 3/3/2 that nobody could've touched. Wonderful!!
    Sasha Cohen. I don't like her with Robin. It seems forced. I am a huge Sarah fan, so bear with me. This will take some time. I liked Swan Lake before.
    Michelle Kwan. What a competitor. Great job coming from behind to come in second in the LP and almost win the LP. I didn't see a chance in hell for her to medal.
    Miki Ando is awesome. I wanted to see her quad so bad. Where was it? I wish she had done it.

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