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Thread: Ice Dance Key Points

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    Ice Dance Key Points

    In the Short Dance, couples are required to perform one sequence of a particular Pattern Dance (A collection of premade dances with prescribed steps-formerly known as a Compulsory Dance). That pattern dance is then broken up into 2 sections- with each section having 3 keypoints (keypoints are specific steps in the pattern dance that the technical panel use to determine the level of that section of the pattern dance. The steps usually labelled as keypoints tend to be the more difficult steps in the dance)-which means that the pattern dance is essentially broken into 2 elements in the short dance. To get the highest levels, you have to correctly executed all 3 keypoints.

    Key points are either give a
    Y for Yes
    N for No
    And T which i dom't know. Does anyone know?

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    T is for a key point that is done correctly but not on the correct beat. The T stands for Timing.

    This thread has the key points of this year's SDs listed:

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