I always liked this format (that I made up)
1. Jumping bee. Every skater has a chance to do each jump, with the option of a bonus jump (like a triple axel or a quad salchow, something that is not done by everyone). No music, just jumping.

2. Old-time program. No triples, just doubles, hanging axels, charlottes and all the things you never see any more that are really cool. It will only be graded in terms of performance and gracefulness, etc.

3. Regular free skate.

I might also bring back the old school figures, in a separate category. You hear all the time about how they were so unfair and did in Brian Orser, etc. But some people must have been good at them. They should do the figure 8's or whatever, and do a beautiful design that they could freeze and put on display for all the fans to see. Don't know where they'd get an extra rink, though, LOL!