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Thread: Elena Ilinykh & Nikita Katsalapov Split

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    Quote Originally Posted by alithia View Post
    The Ice Dance seminars are at the end of August if the closed test skates will take place in Novogorsk of course
    Do you think that seminars will be followed by Test Skate? I don't remember that it would be done before?
    I think that some Test Skate will be in Sochi again, maybe I read it somewhere.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sisinka View Post
    So, you yourself told that the situation was not fair to Lena and Ruslan, but when I noticed it, you denied it every time I wrote it. Does it give you sense?
    Yes, Sisinka, it does make sense. If your husband left you, and then you didn't know if he is coming back or not but you would still loved him and wanted him back, it would be his decision (because you would be willing, so it would be up to him). Well, Elena was in the same situation; except of there was no love, she took it as a professional relationship but she still was willing to prioritise the career above her personal feelings (at least for a while. Thgere is an interview where is someone wrote that she would probably still skate with him because career comes above personal feelings. But obviously later on Elena changed her made, decided that enough is enough and made an interview that she wouldn't want him back any more). So if she at first was willing to skate with him and did not know what he would decide, it was up to him. I am agreeing that it is not fair, but that has nothing to do with the federation. It is not the federation mistreating her, it is unfair situation. Life is sometimes unfair.

    If you want me to explain something else that is not clear from my posts, please do not hesitate to ask.

    And regarding your question "If you don't see reasoning using articles than in what?", the articles you usually quote don't have much in common with the opinion you are expressing. I admire that you bother to attach a number of articles, but somehow they do not support the misinterpreted view you are expressing. In fact, after reading the articles you attach, usually I think exactly otherwise than you just wrote.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hanca View Post
    Because every time I open this thread, I hope to read some good news. Or see some new clip. Because I have been her fan. And the lifts with Ruslan were impressive, considering how short time they have been together. But instead I am reading how Federation doesn't care, and how they treat someone else better... I want I/Z to fight, I don't want to read constantly some whinging (no matter if it is directly from the skaters of from several fans)
    I'd just slink into the corner then, and patiently wait till I/Z have a thread right here in this subforum. This cojoined one for the split couple won't last much longer, I'm guessing.
    Time to turn in for me, so have a great rest of the day y'all, whether you're I/Z fans or S/K backers. Hopefully we'll hear more news from the teams soon.

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    It makes quite a lot of sense to me.

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    This thread has run it's course. Please feel free to start a new topic.

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