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Thread: 2014-2015 GP predictions

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    Quote Originally Posted by YLFan View Post
    I guess my thought process on COR was to keep Yulia away and have Pogo and Sotnikova as picks. This way Yulia and Sotnikova don't have to battle.
    That could be convincing scenario. Although do they want Pogorilaya and Sotnikova to battle either? Seems in their best interests to spread their top ladies out as much as possible. Still, it would make sense for them to invite Sotnikova to CoR in my view... she may be seen as needing protection after all the drama, plus, Yulia will be the #1 seed and have her pick of events other than SA or CoR (assuming Gracie's seeded at #3 and SA picks her, and Anna's seeded at #2 and CoR picks her). Problem is, between those three ladies and Radionova, they have four women very capable of making it to the GPF. They can't keep all of them away from another completely!

    Quote Originally Posted by CanadianSkaterGuy View Post
    Hard to say. Lipnitskaia or Sotnikova to headline. Then I'm guessing Radionova and then a second tier or Junior like Medvedeva. Maybe even Leonova, since the fed seems to love her (is she retired?).
    Pretty sure Medvedeva does not make the age cutoff to skate on the senior GP. She won't be 15 until November.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sam-Skwantch View Post
    Pogo and Lip can't be at the same event.

    More like this I think

    Lip or Pogo
    Sot or Rad
    Tuk or Leo
    Oh, yes you're right! So, for me it will be Sotnikova, Pogorilaya and Liza/Leonova (as others said, Lipnitskaya is not likely to compete in Russia, while for Sotnikova it could be really convenient)... No chance of an assignment for Korobeynikova right?

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    Korobeynikova is #80 on the World Standings list, and as she is not on the Seasons Best list, she isn't eligible for a GP event.

    So if no SA and CoR, Lipnitskaia as #1 seed can choose two from SC, TEB, CoC and NHK. If Pogo gets CoR she chooses one of Lipnitskaia's leftovers; else she gets both of Lipnitskaia's leftovers. If Pogo gets CoR, Gold gets Lipnitskaia's last leftover; else she gets CoR.

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