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Thread: Closest finishes of all time at World Championships and Grand Prix events - COP system

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    Quote Originally Posted by Meoima View Post
    They will choose the one who get higher on LP, If I remember correctly.
    I think the one with higher TES win. But I'm not sure... :D

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    Asada placed above Suzuki by 0.05 at 2012 NHK trophy

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    2011 ladies worlds was really close

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    Quote Originally Posted by Eladola View Post
    I remember Kevin Vad der perren winning Bronze at Europeans twice by about 0.15 each time
    I think you mean by less than 0.15 in total - he won by 0.07 over Davydov in 2007 and by 0.06 over Ponsero in 2009; Ponsero won the FS to move up from 9th place after the short.

    DelSchoes won 2007 Euros by 0.31 points over DomShabs in an all D/S dance podium.

    Miki Ando won 2007 Worlds by 0.64, finishing second in both the SP and the LP, and there was a fifth place tie between Nakano and Kostner (advantage: Nakano); in ice dance, Belbin/Agosto won their bronze by 0.24 points over DelSchoes. One year later, Mao Asada's margin of victory at Worlds was also less than a point, while Khokhlova/Novitski beat out Belbin/Agosto for the bronze by 0.26 points. Laura Lepisto's 2010 Worlds bronze was won by 0.20 points over Miki Ando, and only 1.31 points separated the 3-6th place ladies (Phaneuf and Kostner being the other two).

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    Certainly not one of the closest ever, but it is of note: the logjam of the 5th through 7th place ladies at the Saitama Worlds. Only 1.42 points separated the three.

    5 Gracie GOLD
    194.58 5 7
    6 Akiko SUZUKI
    193.72 4 8
    7 Ashley WAGNER
    193.16 7 4

    Has to be frustrating knowing that one tiny mistake could have made a big difference in placement.

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