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Thread: What do Moore-Towers & Moscovitch need

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    Quote Originally Posted by anyanka View Post
    They're all smiles and sunshine all the time. That's just their style, but their persona doesn't allow them do something dark and dramatic as a contrast.

    For example: in a piece like "La Strada", she's got a perma-grin which is inappropriate for the performance. It doesn't add to their presentation when the source music is from one of the saddest pieces of cinema Fellini's ever made in the Italian neo-realist movement.

    Bottom line: pairing them (pun intended) with a more unexpected (for them) piece of music, acting classes to emote better, and a bit more speed. And yes a higher twist is in order. How about spending a couple of weeks in training camp with V/T? Or Robin could come over now that he's not hanging out with Aljona and Ingo these days to give some pointers? I could see Robin as a great freelance pairs technical consultant.
    I think David Pelletier is a better and more likely choice. I think he has helped teams in the past.

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    What do they need? The judges need to wake up and realize that they are the overall better team than D/R. I thought the tide had shifted at the Olympics, but based on Worlds maybe not. MTM were ridiculously underscored in the World SP - they may not have SBS triples lutzes (which D/R often land sloppily and/or underrotate), but MTM's overall quality and look on the ice are both much better than D/R

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