If he's a rollercoaster to watch, then perhaps that means he's not boring?

No, seriously though, I've never been able to see Jeremy as some fantastic artist that he's often touted as. His SP this year was a slog for me. His Saitama LP did give me a glimpse of what his fans see in him, and I think he should've placed fourth there. Sadly, too little too late to turn me into a fan. (And I've always found it difficult to root for headcases.)

I actually prefer both Jason and Max over Jeremy, but the truth is, neither of them are bigger podium threats than even Jeremy is. Jeremy's habit of bombing internationally would be more worrying if he were actually holding back someone who could medal. (Max likely would've done better in the Team Event than Jeremy, but it wouldn't have been enough to get USA the silver. I do feel for him though). So if he wants to continue... well, I don't think he's gonna get anywhere but I don't think he'll do much damage either.