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Thread: Which skaters have correct jumping technique?

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    Ah, okay, I was considering the jump as a whole rather than just the take-off. Hence why I eliminated Reynolds (rotation, air position), Hanyu (landing), Amodio recently (consistency), and Kovtun (all of the above, plus pops) as options. Pretty much leaves only Goebel and Javi (who does have his share of pops, but not severe as Kovtun). I assume Miki must've had some good technique going for her, to be able to do 4S at all (has any other lady even landed it in practice, other than Mao?), even if it's a bit UR. Of course, she was also a great natural jumper.

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    What about "Jumpin' Joe' Sabovcik?

    I was just rereading his autobio and he talked about how he learned jumps the "old" way.


    "To this day I still jump in what many skaters classify as the old way, which is generally considered to be more difficult. I was taught to jump up and then rotate as opposed to rolling the jump from takeoff and spinning almost immediately. The jump never fully gets up this way but it is safer and the success rate is much higher. With mandatory triple axels in effect now (1998), newer skaters almost have to do it like this in order to skate cleanly. Many have the jumping power, but won't let the jump reach its full peak because they start turning too early. yet their jumps are much longer. Mine are always shorter but higher because I would let the jump travel up and then rotate which allowed the jump to climb........

    Because I took so long learning the various jumps, once I did land them, I developed enduring confidence that I wouldn't lose the jump at some point in the future Obviously I would miss a few jumps , but I would always land at least one in practice."

    I have to say he gets unbelievable height on jumps: the triple lutz was crazy and if he lands them-the landings are really smooth and secure.

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