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Thread: COI open rehearsal on Friday

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    I think Irina and MK are friendly towards each other during tour and when they see each other in competition, but like most people, I don't think they are close friends.

    About Elena Berezhnaya and Michelle, I remember in an online interview when a fan asked MK who her favorite people to hang out with on tour, she listed Elena Berezhnaya as one of them.

    Not sure how true this is, but I heard that when COI had a break some years ago in SoCal, MK invited Elena to her house and to go to Disneyland with MK and her family.

    I doubt they speak with each other anymore though since they are both doing their own thing.

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    Now THIS is a funny photograph. One can almost visualize a thought bubble above Sasha's head with the words "Man this guy is good! He's like Yuka Sato and Richard Simmons rolled into one!"

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    Originally posted by Koroleva
    Well I didn't think they were that close to begin with. I mean weren't Elena Berezhnaya and Michelle friends? That didn't last too long. I know that Elena and Irina have been good friends probably longer than Irina has been a friend with Michelle. I don't think that she'll just have to go to S&Z. They seem like they all enjoy touring together.
    Actually I never thought they were that close as ppl like to think. But just that during the toure, if you need to hang out with someone, then there was Irina about the same age as MK. Now with Irina has someone else to hangout. And given the fact that neither S&Z is fluent in English, she might like to help out and they might tend to get along with.

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