W&P have said they are not a couple, so I take their word for it. Why would they lie about something like that? It would probably even help their popularity if they admitted to being an off-ice couple because a lot of skating fans like to imagine their favourite skating teams as being together off ice since it fulfills a fantasy element for some of them. Look at how often V&M's fans keep pushing for them to be in love in real life. The media also loves it when a pair are together off ice - look at the 'fairytale couple' and 'Canada's sweethearts' pieces that were done on Sale & Pelletier after 2002 SLC.

The other thing that is awkward about subjects like this is that unless a poster knows a skater personally, they don't really know for sure what the real deal is or what the status of a relationship is. I was surprised to see several posters on the 2014 Worlds dance threads claiming that they knew the romantic details of practically every skater in the competition. How is this possible unless you live next door to all these skaters? I can understand why Doris Pulaski decided to close the other gossip thread about skating couples.