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Can someone explain why Mirai is wearing this really plain "costume" for her second program in SOI? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-Ns0mCEtuMM

I mean there is Gracie in her glittering Elsa outfit completely model status, and Mirai looks as if she is at practice. I am not against pants but I wish the outfit itself actually looked like a costume (example, Yuna's outfit in Bulletproof EX).

P.S. LOOK AT THE LAST SPIN IN THAT VIDEO!!! It's the Caroline Zhang pearl spin which I've never seen Mirai (or anyone besides Zhang, actually) do before!! Wow!!
That skate felt very emotional....it was gorgeous and I felt it. I like that her outfit was plain because I think it just made the skate even more personal, kind of like when a dancer is interpreting an emotional piece. I prefer this over any shiny dress honestly...let the performance speak for itself If this is a sign of whats to come for Mirai heading toward the next season, I can't wait. She's going to give the other ladies a run for their money, and hopefully Karma will come for the USFSA