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Thread: What Amused or Shocked You This Season

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    I was pleasantly shocked by Jason and his increasing popularity this season. I continue to be amused by his shocked reaction to all of the events that have happened including a 4 million hit on his skating video.

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    - Jeremy Abbott winning Nationals
    - U.S. men getting 3 spots for worlds
    - The Jason Brown love
    - Plushenko managing to perform at the Olympics, and quite well
    - Olympic men's FS splatfest
    - The whole U.S ladies Olympic team thing
    - Caro not bombing the Olympics
    - Caro imploding in her worlds FS (well, her clean program streak had to end sometime)
    - Akiko winning nationals
    - Daisuke almost not making the Olympic team
    - Tatsuki nearly winning worlds
    - P/B not winning worlds when I/K took themselves out
    - Julia imploding in the individual event at the Olympics
    - Mao at the Olympics
    - Cheering for Yuna to win the Olympics despite not being a fan after it became obvious Adelina was going to be the anointed one
    - The horror of Adelina's see through FS dress worn in the GP series
    - Olympic team event being somewhat enjoyable
    - The display of utmost integrity and credibility of the ISU and judging system
    - How über übers can be

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