Yulia- I imagine she'll probably go classical. Schindler's List is as classical as move scores go, but it's still a John Williams tune. I think Yulia will choose a more traditional classical piece (Rachmaninoff, Dvorak, Chopin) and try to bring out a more mature, elegant side to her skating. I just hope it's not TOO dour or morose.

Gracie- I think Gracie will move in the opposite direction...probably towards something more contemporary and hopefully with a bit more flair.

Anna Pogorilaya- I think she's learned from Worlds that she has to choose music that actually has a melody and can help disguise some of her less than artistic qualities. I imagine she'll go much softer, prettier...probably classical as well.

Ashley- eh, who knows. She obviously needs overtly stirring music to bring the best out of her...I'm guessing it won't be classical but more contemporary...perhaps a soundtrack with some serious percussion.

Adelina- will probably go softer, more lyrical...an attempt to infuse some class into her aggressive, busy style of skating. I doubt it will work, but hopefully she'll at least try to show off a different side to her personality.

Zijun Li- I think she'll stay in her pretty, soft music wheelhouse. While her tango SP this year was fine, she really seems more suited to the obviously graceful, ethereal pieces.