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Yeah and come to think of it probably a competitive mens field. They will want 2 of the 4 disciplines to be strong to attrack fans (aside from just the marquee Americans). It also isnt a super big deal if Brown and/or Abbott make the gpf or not. Brown especialy can still shine at worlds even not making the final, if his skating comes along nicely.
Right and last year's SA also had USFS pitting US skaters who were in the Olympic mix against each other to see I think where they stacked up. Except in Ladies. You had Denney & Coughlin head to head with Castelli & Shnapir. You had Jason vs Adam vs Max. You had Hubbell & Donohue against the Shibs. With that dynamic out of the picture I expect it to be less competitive US fields. My guesses

Men's- Jason, Jeremy if he wants in, Miner
Ladies- Gracie, Cesario, Miller
Pairs- Castelli & Shnapir, Denney & Frazier, maybe Aaron & Settlage with Leng/Leduc, Donlan/Speroff split and S/K, Z/B and K/O probably good for 2 GPs. If not, one of them.
Dance- Chock/Bates, Aldridge/Eaton, maybe the one Cannuscio sister left and her partner. Won't be stunned if H/D get SA but not expecting to see the Shibs.