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I agree that Larionov's new partnership is at moderate to large disadvantage in comparison with Vera's new partnership. I would say closer to large rather than moderate because of sitting out the whole season (and maybe longer), low level of his new partner and when he can eventually compete he will be very close to 30 years old. That's quite a few things going against them. Also, they will be Mozer's number 3 pair, and if Tarasova-Morozov improve as quickly as Stolbova-Klimov did, Larionov may find himself number 4 pair under Mozer. Will Mozer invest as much attention/time/energy into pair 3 or 4?
That's also true about his age, yes. I will say about Mozer though that it's fairly clear she didn't take to Vera and does like Yuri though, so we will see how she treats him.