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I do think the girl having some muscle does help the man in getting up and down from the overhead lifts, as well as in most (but perhaps not all) overhead lift positions. Any man would rather lift a 110 pound woman with the muscle to help him (even, I think, overhead) than a 100 pound woman who is essentially a sack of potatoes.

Megan Duhamel comes to mind. She is 48 kg. You are not going to convince me that any partner of hers would rather she weighed less but lost all of her muscle. By comparison Bazarova is 46 kg despite being 5 inches taller than Duhamel. That difference is muscle. You are not going to convince me that any man, given the choice, would not rather lift Duhamel even if you made their heights identical.
Maybe you are right but Duhamel/Radford's lifts not that good (maybe worst in top teams) despite their height advantage.

ISU bio says Bobrov is 187 cm and 17 years of age.