-He is not a strong lifter. He is hunched forward when he lifts her. He was like this with Davankova too but I thought then it was a height/size thing. I'm sure it partly was but his posture is awful when he lifts Vera as well. Not sure if he needs to bulk up more or if maybe he needs a shorter/smaller partner to entirely fix this. I don't think it's a deal breaker either way- he CAN lift her- but I do think that it is a shame the lift looked that bad when lifts were always such a strong point for her in the past.
Maybe it's not about a partner, it's about him. I mean, he just has a bad technique on this element. I believe they are gonna work to make it better.

Musical choices for them are good given their style, but of course kind of cliched.
Well, the musical choice is the main thing I worry about. Firstly, it is, as you wrote, cliched. Of course, it is crude, tough pre-version, nevertheless it looks almost too classical and... a little bit boring. Secondly, and I think it's more important, this song - My way - is very difficult to interprete it well. It's the story of dying man, who's looking back at his life and seems to be pleased with it. A very sad song, one of my favourite, but - in my opinion - it suits rather a pair (or skater) ending his career, you know, some kind of take-your-hanky performance... I hope I will be surprised :P