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Thread: ISU World Development Trophy 2014 - 01-06.04, Gdańsk, Poland

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    ISU World Development Trophy 2014 - 01-06.04, Gdańsk, Poland

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    ISU World Development Trophy is an event for skaters and coaches from countries where skating is developing or where it hasn't had success lately.

    There is a seminar for skaters and coaches who work with an experienced training team which suggests exercises and gives feedback on element levels.

    It was conducted by Valentin Nikolaiev (who coached Baiul and Zagorodniuk), coach and choreographer Jena Gres (Nikolaiev's former student) and coach and ISU technical specialist Sarkis Tewanian.

    I am not sure who was involved in the Ice Dance part but the last time the World Development Trophy was in Poland (in Cieszyn), Sylwia Nowak-Trebacka (Junior World Champion in Ice Dance and now a coach and choreographer) was co-moderating it.

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    Its great to see these development trophies take place. Must be a great experience for these young skaters from non-skating nations learning and being inspired by great coaches and teachers on and off the ice.
    It's still early days but I hope that a lot of good to these small skating nations comes from these yearly events.

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