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Well, the difference is, Gold at SA will likely be given an easy field to ensure a GP win and GPF entry. If an elite skater went there, Gold would be in danger of losing In CoR, even elite skaters can go there and not receive the PCS they deserve while the Russian skaters will be given breaks, like the most recent Olympics and CoR. The funny thing is, Lipnitskaia and B/S at their best would have deserved
to win CoR last year, but the way they were propped up for how poorly they skating their free programs was appalling. I guess Carolina got it back when she was kept up high enough to maintain World bronze over Pogorilaya after having a meltdown similar to the one that Lipnitskaia had which denied her the CoR gold and GPF entry.
At least you could be a little more subtle with your hypocrisy. Of course it's a good result as long as the Russians are the once being underhanded. So according to your remarkable logic Pogorilaya who skated 2 perfect programs deserve her fourth place in worlds because Lipnitskaia(who BTW you said deserved to win) was propped up in some B event. Truly mind boggling that anyone would dare even think Kostner in anyway deserved her third place. No need for 100+ page threads for analyzing footwork, PCS, and GOE.