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Thread: SOI Japan Youtube video

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    I see nothing wrong with pointing/waving/interacting with the audience. It's part of the whole exhibition experience. Mao gets off the ice, goes into the crowd and shakes hands with people in the audience in her Smile/Wonderful World EX... Adelina wasn't exactly waving in a "oh hey, hi" kinda way. The wave is more of an illustration of the lyrics which say "come together..." I thought it worked fine with the music and program.

    I agree re: her choice of that version of the song. She could have stuck with the original Beatles version or went with the even better Michael Jackson version (my favorite!), which probably would have worked better given her costume and even some of her choreography which looked a little MJ-esque.

    I do think the music ran too long at the end but overall it was a nice program. Nice smooth edges and she even looked a little more polished in some of her movements. I think she has all of the goods to be a legitimate's her packaging that gives her that odd almost tacky look on the ice sometimes. Better costumes, music, choreography...she just needs an on-ice makeover and she'd be amazing.

    Glad to see her having fun and receiving such a warm reception from the Japanese audience...I'd expect no less from them though. Japan is like the Hollywood of figure skating. Best fans in the world!

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    Maia and Alex have been posting VLOGs to their ShibSibs Youtube channel from this year's SOI Japan tour.

    Stars On Ice VLOG 1

    Stars On Ice VLOG 2:

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    Quote Originally Posted by ioanablabla View Post
    I'm not trying to be picky or to reopen the same hate-debate towards Sotnikova, but waving at the audience... it kinda ruins the idea of a performance for me. Is it something that other skater do often too?
    Seems like she is trying to turn that into a trademark feature of her skating. Maybe not so bad here, but certainly not appropriate imo in competition (as she did at the Olympics). I hope someone advises her to stop doing that. I've already begun to find it irritating lol.

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