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Thread: Your five favorites of all time in each discipline

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    Quote Originally Posted by skatedreamer View Post
    Ahhhh...I knew there had to be a reason! But IMO the reality is that until the Chinese became competitive, all of the truly great pairs from the mid-20th century onward were Russian or Soviet. So it's natural that they would dominate most fans' GOAT lists. Sale/Pelletier and S/S were wonderful but I never thought of either couple on the same level as the Russians, especially G/G, who to me seemed to exist in some sort of skaters' Valhalla.

    Gotta start on a list of my own!
    Sale and Pelletier were not my cup of tea, sorry (). I like the canadians in general but S&P meh....maybe it's also because of what happend in Salt Lake City, although it was not their fault, I don't know. I prefered more Brasseur&Eisler for example. I thought some of their elements were ahead of their time.
    S&S were great but they missed that X Factor if you like. At least for me.

    G&G were excellent, and I loved them but sometimes I feel they had too much sugar.

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    Random Order

    Yuna Kim
    Akiko Suzuki
    Michelle Kwan

    Dick Button
    Javier Fernandez

    Ice dance

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