I bought the Jackson Artiste five weeks ago when I was just starting out, thinking I would be at a beginner/recreational level for a while. I was strongly advised not to "overboot." Oops. I've totally fallen in love with figure skating, and now skate about six hours every week. I think I need a stiffer boot...

My question to you all is: at what level (USFSA or ISI) will it become absolutely necessary for me to upgrade my skates to continue progressing in the sport?

I spend my practices strengthening my crossovers/cutbacks and consecutive forward edges, and practicing the skills in USFSA Basic 4 and 5. Don't worry, I'm not self-taught, I am working with a coach. If this influences boot breakdown at all: I am 5'7" and weigh 115 lbs.

I know there are about a bajillion factors at play here that will influence the need to buy new skates, but if you could please share your opinion anyway, I would be very grateful!

Thank you.