Firstly, well done to the Mods for moving the comments that started this discussion out of the "I/K split" thread and into this new thread.

However, I was just wondering if you realised that those original comments are also still in the other thread...

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R/T just never gelled for me. I far preferred Riazanova when she skated with Guerrerio (? I never could spell it for some reason) so I will be happy to see them back together if that is true.
I never saw Riazanova and Guerreiro the first time around (the first time I watched a Junior competition was only a couple of years ago), so I can't really comment about which partner she gelled better with.

Funnily enough, Jonathon's surname is one of the names I do not struggle with. But, there again, being a fan of motorbike racing, I am used to seeing Spanish names on a regular basis! The ones I struggle the most with are Tatjana V (which way round do the "z" and the "s" go?), Elena I (which way around do the "i" and the "y" go?) and the Lithuanian guy who we are currently discussing (which is ironic, given that my middle name is "David", the English version of his first name!)

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Devidas has been talking about retiring after this season for a while now. His dream, from what I gather, was always to be able to represent Lithuania, and he was finally able to accomplish that in Sochi (his partner at the time of the Vancouver games, Copely, was denied Lithuanian citizenship so they were not able to compete). I've read that Tobias has been looking for a partner for next season for awhile now.
Mmmm. That's disappointing. Although he is not one of the top Ice Dancers around, Deividas is clearly one of the better ones. So, I thought he would have had more ambitions than to just go to the Olympics.

For me, Stagniunas / Tobias had the potential to go on and get into the Top 10 in the World, which would be a great achievement for a small country like Lithuania. So, I am surprised that Deividas did not share that belief.

Oh well! His loss.