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Thread: Favorite Audiences

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    I'd say Nice, France was wonderful and enthusiastic in 2012, especially with how they celebrated Dai and Yuz.

    DC Worlds 2003 was electric towards Shen and Zhao; the crowd's reaction was what made me and probably others so touched and excited.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sandpiper View Post
    Ah, that actually sounds... very considerate! I was under the impression that healthy people wore masks to not get sick, and to that, I have the same reaction as Meoima: Argh, annoying.
    I know for sure in Japan people wear face masks to prevent others around them from getting sick, as opposed to preventing themselves from getting sick. It is considerate but also a public health issue since most of the streets are crowded and you get very intimate with people in the subway. So I don't find it too off-putting or annoying since there is good intentions behind it in terms of watching the Japanese crowd.

    Way better than here in the states where people will literally sneeze in your face and not bat an eye -_- I wish it was more acceptable to wear a mask out when you're sick in NYC and not be mistaken as suspicious haha.

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    Yeah, the population density of Japan probably makes the masks inevitable. I hadn't thought of that.

    Didn't the Nice audience boo Patrick Chan for his win? I know many people agreed with them, but I'm not sure if I'd consider that an ideal audience... (and though I'm not a Chan fan, it's a weird instance where I actually agree with his win).

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