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As much as it pains me to type this, I have to add another vote to Plush's Sabre Dance. I mean, credit to him for being one of the few people who can skate to such frantic music and not lag behind, but the music itself... should it even be called "music"? Made my ears bleed, and the costume kinda made my eyes bleed too. Enero's comment is spot-on, especially the "I’m surprised it didn’t drive the audience and judges batty" part. I guess I should be thankful it was a short program. Plush, too, since the technical mark is the tie-breaker in the short program.

I feel weird that I have no problem with Michelle's Scheherazade or Yuna's Kiss of the Vampire. Scheherazade would've been more than enough to win her the Olympics had she not fallen (and even with the fall, I enjoyed it more than Irina's lackluster performance). Yuna's Kiss of the Vampire wasn't as distinct as, say, her Vancouver SP, but it was still gorgeous. Or maybe I'm just blinded by how pretty her dress was, haha.
The Kiss of the Vampire dress is one of my all time fave. FS costumes.