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Thread: Favourite Programs by your Favourite Skaters

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    Favourite Programs by your Favourite Skaters

    More off-season fun! Please keep positive

    I'll get the ball rolling:


    SP: Grand Guignol (2011-2012)
    LP: Liebestraume (2012-2013)
    EX: Fly Me To The Moon (2013)


    SP: Clair de Lune (2011-2012)
    LP: Schindler's List (2013-2015)
    EX: The Walker: SOI group number 2014


    SP: Historia de un Amor (2013-2014) (it was really hard to choose between this and Tron)
    LP: West Side Story (2012-2013)
    EX: Black Betty (2012-2013)


    SP: St Louis Blues (2011-2012)
    LP: The Bolt (2010-2011)
    EX: Smooth Criminal (2011)

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    Michelle Kwan
    SP - The Feeling Begins
    LP - Lyra Angelica
    Ex - Fields of Gold

    Akiko Suzuki
    SP - Kill Bill
    LP - O
    Ex - Love Dance

    Carolina Kostner
    SP - Cannon in D
    LP - Mozart
    Ex - Hallelujah, Imagine

    Alissa Czisny
    SP - The Swan
    LP - Winter into Spring
    Ex - Moon River

    Shizuka Arakawa
    SP - Techno Swan
    LP - Turandot, both versions
    Ex - You Raise Me Up, Yugao

    Stephane Lambiel
    SP - Dralion
    LP - Poeta
    Ex - Run

    Yuzuru Hanyu
    SP - White Legend
    LP - R&J 1.0
    Ex. Hana Ni Nare

    Daisuke Takahashi
    SP - Eye, In the Garden of Souls
    LP - Blues for Kook
    Ex. Love Letter, Tango Primavera

    Also love Jason's Grand Guignol SP.

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    Yuna Kim
    SP - Danse Macabre
    FS - The Lark Ascending, Les Miserables, Adios Nonino
    Ex - All of Me

    Akiko Suzuki
    SP - Hungarian Rhapsody No.2
    FS - Dark eyes, O
    Ex - Love Dance, Libertango

    Miki Ando
    SP - Chairman's Waltz, Gabriel's Oboe
    FS - Violin Concerto, Carmen, Symohony No.3
    Ex - Bolero, Requiem

    Carolina Kostner
    SP - Canon, Canaro en Paris, Piano Trio No.2
    FS - Faune, Bolero
    Ex - It's Oh So Quiet

    Patrick Chan
    SP - Tango de los Exilados, Take Five, Elegie
    FS - Aranjuez, The Four Seasons (13-14)
    Ex - Viva la Vida

    Kevin Reynolds
    SP - Chambermaid Swing, Moanin'
    FS - Led Piano Concerto No.4, Led Zeppelin
    Ex - But not for me

    Denis Ten
    SP - Sing Sing Sing, Primavera Poteno, The Artist
    FS - The Artist, Piano Concerto No.2
    Ex - Singin' in the rain

    Virtue / Moir
    SD - Rumba, Finnstep
    FD - Umbrellas of Cherbourg, Carmen, Grazunov
    Ex - Hallelujah

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    The great gig in the sky
    And the waltz goes on
    (actually all their programs except Funny face)
    Parisienne walkways
    White legend
    Hana ni nare
    Ne me quitte pas
    Four seasons
    You're beautiful
    The godfather
    Je suis malade
    Waltz masquerade SP
    Les miserables
    Swan lake

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    SP: Romanza - from the first year she really seems to feel the music
    LP: Lyra Angelica - I really liked Michelle best during the late 90s and this program for me was a highlight
    Ex: East of Eden - loved the music

    SP: Tango de Roxanne - I really just liked his program in Sochi for the team event, he really rose to the occasion he seemed to will one more clutch performance from his body.
    LP: St Petersburg 300 and The Godfather - I really loved both, he seemed to have a such a presence with these programs.
    EX: None - I've never been as big of fan of his exhibitions as of his competitive programs, i like them alright but none really stand out to me.

    Mishkutenok and Dmitriev:
    SP: The Swan - Not many to choose from but I liked this best.
    LP: Symphony of Emotions - lovely music, lovely program, arguably worthy of Olympic gold.
    EX: Somewhere Out There - (Dmitriev and Kazakova) M/D just didn't have many to choose from.

    Grishuk and Platov:
    OD: Libertango - one of the greatest OD ever performed.
    FD: The Feeling Begins - for me this program showcased G/P at their best, they were so inovative and fast but in control and they seemed so confident.
    EX: You'll See - my favorite exhibition from any era and any discipline.

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    SP: Tosca
    LP: Tribute To Nijinsky, The Godfather
    EX: Russian Country Dance, Crazy Bird, Asisai

    Daisuke Takahashi:
    SP: Rock'n'roll medley, Cyber Swan Lake
    LP: Blues for Klook
    EX: Bachelorette

    Tomas Verner:
    SP: Duelin' Banjos
    LP: Fundamentum
    EX: Volare

    Yuzuru Hanyu:
    SP: White Legend
    LP: R&J1
    EX: Hello I Love You

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    There are many tbh but I'll choose few, from some of my favorite skaters.

    1. Mishkutenok&Dmitriev: LP in Lillehammer

    2. Klimova&Ponomarenko: FD in 1990 WC, FD in Albertville 1992, Tchaikovsky's Symphony #5 in 1992 Challenge of Champions.

    3. Torvill&Dean: FD Sarajevo, OD Rhumba in Lillehammer.

    4. Ilia Kulik: SP Faust, LP Romeo&Juliet both in 1997

    5. Alexei Yagudin: SP&LP in 2002, and yes I love his performance in 2001 WC with the Revolutionary Etude.

    6. Grishuk&Platov: OD Libertango, FD The Feeling Begins 1997

    7. Yulia: LP Schindler's List (and Kung Fu Panda. )

    8. Virtue&Moir: Mahler 2010, FD 2011 Hip Hip Chin Chin (Hot, Hot, Hot ), Carmen 2013

    Mao, Michelle and Takahashi: I love too many programs (almost all of them ) from these two skaters so I'm not going to list them all.

    The Protopopovs: Everything
    John Curry: Everything
    Moiseeva&Minenkov : Everything

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    SP: Bolero, Tosca, Moonlight Sonata (this SP IMO was one of his best), Michael Jackson Melody.
    LP: Tribute to Nijinsky, Russian Folk/Dark Eyes, Once Upon A Time in America
    EX: All, except Only You

    Sasha Cohen
    SP: Malaguena, Sweet and Tender Beast, Dark Eyes
    LP: Romeo and Juliet, Nutcracker
    EX: None

    Tara Lipinski
    SP: Anastasia
    LP: Sense and Sensibility, Dreamcatcher
    EX: La Valtz (w/Kurt Browning), Malaguena (w/ Kurt Browning), American Tribute to 911

    Anissina and Peizarat
    SP: Tango de Guell
    LP: Romeo and Juliet, Carmina Burana, Man In the Iron Mask
    EX: Time to Say Goodbye

    Mishkutenok and Dmitriev
    SP: Strangely enough, I wasn't a big fan of any of their SPs.
    LP: Liebestraum -Dreams of Love, The Symphony of Emotions
    EX: None

    Yuna Kim
    SP: Danse Macabre
    LP: Lark Ascending, Concerto in F
    EX: Someone Like You

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    Mao Asada the most from her
    Rochmaninoff: Bells of Moscow and Piano Concerto Number 2
    Swan Lake
    Fantasie Impromptu
    SP: Nocturne
    Ex: Caprice

    Midori Ito
    Rochmaninoff Piano Concerto 2
    Le Corsaire ~ Grand Pas Classique ~ Paquita
    Frank Mills's A Classical Rock and Piano Concerto No. 1.

    Lu Chen
    Rochmaninoff Piano Concerto 2
    The Last Emperor

    Michelle Kwan
    Shiraz and Lion of the Desert

    Shizuka Arakawa
    Violin Fantasy on Puccini's Turandot

    Kristi Yamaguchi
    1990 - 1991 LP music (can't find the music)

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    SP: Ave Maria, Devil's Trill
    FS: Bolero, Mozart's Concerto
    EX: Sheherazade, Mein Herr

    SD: this season's one
    FD: Mahler

    SP: Send in the Clowns
    FS: Pink Panther

    SP: Gabriel's Oboe
    FS: Grieg's Concerto

    SP: 1998 Rachmaninoff
    FS: probably Tosca
    Others to follow maybe...

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    Todd Eldredge - Short Program - Carmina Burana/Mythodea (he expanded it into an interpretative free @ the 2002 Hershey's Spring Challenge) , prior to that Olympic season, my favorite sp or his was "Walk on the Wild Side"
    Free Skate - First Knight (1996 Worlds, 1998 Goodwill Games), 1492 (2001 Worlds), Lord of the Rings - 2002 Olympics
    Exhibition - Il Mare Calmo de la Sera, The Glory

    Meryl & Charlie
    short dance - My Fair Lady
    free dance - Samson & Delilah, Die Fledermaus (honorable mention)
    ex. - their current ones in SOI

    Paul Wylie
    sp - Carmina Burana
    fs - Henry V
    exhibition - JFK, Schindlers' List, Apollo 13

    more to come, I'm sure!

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    Mao liebestraum 2, Rach. C 2, ex ballade
    Dai Eye, cyber swan
    Shibs. Memoirs of a geisha, cinema paradise, michael buble Sd.
    Akiko cirq soleil, hymne al amour
    V/M Carmen

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    Shawn Sawyer
    Amadeus LP -
    Alice in Wonderland LP -

    Riverdance FD -
    Jumpin' Jack/Hey Big Spender OD -
    Flamenco/Tango OD -
    Michael Jackson FD -
    Return to Innocence Ex -

    I tried to find their Eagles - Hotel California ex, but couldn't. I've watched it on youtube before but I think I just randomly stumbled upon it, and I don't know what it was called.

    Nicole Bobek
    '70s Medley (pro LP) -
    Circle of Life Ex -


    Country OD -
    Chaplin FD -
    Rolling Stones FD -
    Little Prince and his Rose FD -

    Tosca FD -
    West Side Story FD -
    Elvis FD -

    I have more favourites skaters/teams than that, but I'm tired of looking for links now lol.

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    Maria Butyrskaya
    "Carmen" -
    ABBA -
    Too fierce for words.

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