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I think they cater to different types of fans. The general public is more likely to find Sasha more memorable due to her amazing flexibility, stunning positions, beautiful face and fiery personality. They aren't going to care about her skating skills or bad technique and they aren't going to remember what medals she won or didn't win. She definitely had that "wow" or "it" factor. Fellow skaters or those more knowledgable about the finer points of skating might appreciate Carolina more - her longevity, development, perseverance, technique, great programs and sweet personality. In the beginning I was totally in awe of Sasha and thought she was the most amazing thing that ever happen to figure skating. Carolina who? back in the day was just gangly and awkward. Now to me, Carolina is everything a skater a should be. Doesn't matter if she's not an Olympic champion, can't do 15 million spin positions or can't wrap her leg around her head. I do agree that the degree of impact is continental.
This is how I feel as well.