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Besides the elimination of anonymous judging, there are also proposals to:
1. change every free skate duration to 4 minutes (and 7 jumps instead of 8 for the men)
2. change the PCs factors so they are the same for men and ladies
3. allow only two repetitions of each double (including double axel)
4. count ChSq even if executed before the StSq
5. allow triple twist in junior pairs short program
6. up the age limit for junior pairs and ice dance (21 instead of 20 for the men)
7. EDIT : can't find the proposal anymore, i'm confused... maybe it didn't understand the right thing !
8. count a triple that is repeated but not combined as a jump executed alone and just give 70% of the base value, instead of counting it as a sequence
9. remove the choreographic sequence of the pairs free program
10. give 30 seconds and not 60 seconds for the skater to take his starting position (but 60 seconds for the first skater of the flight)

(These are the ones i remember and that i found more interesting ; i read it very quickly)

I agree with 4, 5, and 6.... and am neutral on everything else.