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Thread: Question about Tarasova

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    Hockeyfan: If you check out the Europe on Ice site, there's an interview with Berntssen (sp?) which might shed some light on why Sweden didn't send any ladies. The talent pool isn't that deep in ladies skating and it might not even be worth it to send someone. Also Sweden probably isn't committed to developing figure skating as China was. Since China wanted to develop pairs teams, the country sent pairs to build the program. Plus Pairs don't have to qualify so they are guaranteed to skate the entire competition and get the whole worlds experience.

    Again with the Christmas debate: there were lots of times that my father had to work Christmas and it wasn't a big deal, we just celebrated on a different day. Let's say the JF paid Richard thousands of dollars in coaching fees (I bet they paid at least $20,000, depending on how much instruction etc.), you don't think that kind of money would guarantee that Richard accompany her to Nationals? Come on, if I paid a coach that kind of money, I would expect that he would at least accompany me to nationals. It's not up to Shizuka to determine when Richard takes his vacations. He could have taken more time for Thanksgiving or something. Shizuka didn't have control over when nationals would happen so why put the burden on her to go without a coach?

    The Christmas thing might not have even been the straw that broke the camel's back, but if TT can make a commitment to Shizuka and fulfill all of her professional obligations to Shizuka, then I don't think that there was anything unethical in the switch. Obviously the coaching switches is working for everyone so far. If there was anything unethical going on , it was Richard not going to Nationals with Shizuka. Now I don't know Richard's style with his other skaters and if he goes to Canadian Nationals for Fedor, but if his absence was enough to incense the JF, then they must have expected full coaching services. Just looking at US NAtionals, all of the skaters have their coaches with them. Why would it be any different for Shizuka?

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    Sweden didn't send anyone to Worlds because their top skater, Lina Johansson, was too young (she turned 15 in September 2003).

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    HMMMM... this topic has definitely changed from Tarasova to Callahan.

    If I recall correctly, rumor was that the Lipinski's were unhappy that RC did not spend more time with Tara because he was concentrating on Todd. We can't 2nd guess RC's thought process since we aren't there day-to-day seeing the actual relationship.

    Did he tell the JF that he couldn't go to Japanese Nats? None of us can answer that question. Was it a terminally ill relative spending perhaps a last Christmas that prevented him from wanting to leave town? I don't know. Can anyone say that he did work during that time period with other skaters? Was he totally off skating during his vacation.

    On the other hand, Christmas is 12/25 - so, why couldn't he have gotten to Japan for Nats on 12/27?

    Who knows? Who really cares? Not me.

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