Yes I know that skaters need to be invited to most events but just for fun take a moment and pick a few favorites and select the GP assignments you'd like to see them at next season. Feel free to tell us why

Here is mine:

Lipnitskaya:NHK(Japan) and Trophée Éric Bompard(France)

The girl worked her butt off and deserves fairly easy assingments as much as anyone. She will be well recieved especially in Japan where her second largest fanbase exists. She could easily podium and likely win both and with all the backbreaking work she did for Russia it's hard for me to not wish a fairly easy season for her. Although her popularity in Russia is thru the roof and many might be disappointed it would be beneficial to leave her out of the Russian bloodbath at least until Nationals.

Radinova: CoR(Russia) Skate America (USA)

It's likely going to be a podium sweep in Russia so I'd like to see her battle it out with Sotnikova and Pogo. She bodes well at home and I think could win the whole thing which would be great for her growing status. Maybe just the devil inside is telling me to send her to Skate America but I'd like to see her challenge Gracie and I think it would make for a good competition.

Ashley Wagner: NHK(Japan) Skate America (USA)

Same as Yulia. She is loved in Japan and I think that love is contagious to her and it affects her skating. If she can latch on to the crowd's wavelength I think she would really shine. If Yulia selects NHK first she will likely be the top competitor in terms of rankings and favorites amongst judges but if she falls again Ashley could pounce and grab gold. Silver would be a likely bet if things happen the way I expect in terms of the field. Obviously Skate America for her. I think her and Gracie need a rematch from Nationals. It would be good for the US figure skating to see a little competition at home. It has benefitted Russia tremendously.

I was going to choose for some of the Men but due to time constraints I'll have to check back later. Where do you want to see your favorite skaters compete next season?