It's off-season and I've been watching a lot of old videos on Youtube.

I've realised that I seem to be exceptionally susceptible to chills/goose bumps/shivers when I see something awesome, and I always seem to get them at the same point of a programme. It doesn't necessarily have to be an especially cool lift or an exciting jump or a fast spin - sometimes the tiniest hand gesture just hits the spot exactly! I thought it might be fun to see if the parts that we find chill-inducingly awesome are the same for others, and at the same time give each other suggestions for vids we haven't seen/have not watched in a while that are worth a re-watch.

Some of my "special moments" are:

- Charlie's huge half-loop in their Borodin free dance
- The few strokes exactly to music just before the diagonal step sequence in D/W's Samson & Delilah & the back spiral into the camel spin in the same
- The Y-spiral followed by the 'tano Lutz in Jason's Riverdance free skate
- The hand gestures exactly to the music in the 2nd spin in Ashley's Samson & Delilah free skate
- The step sequence in Max's Tron sp - there's one cool step he does that I can't really describe, but it gets me every time