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Thread: If you could build a pair out of 2 single skaters who would they be?

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    Originally posted by Hermione_Granger
    I would love to see Alexei and Michelle pair up.
    I think they would be really good. His dramatic artistry
    and her graceful artistry combined could make for some
    really lovely programs. --Hermione
    Hermione, I had said something to this effect preveiously and just think how beautiful that would be. Just a dream, I know.


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    I know this is a hypothetical scenario we're all fantasizing about on this thread, and by all means continue, as it is great fun, but I just thought you'd all be amused by a quote of Michelle commenting on depending on others in a competitive situation:

    "I never liked counting on anybody," Kwan said. "I think I'd kill my pairs partner if he made a mistake. I think it's really difficult by yourself."
    Kinda scary, huh, having a bobble on a triple ANYTHING and having to face up to the wrath of Kwan


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