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Lol. Pissed. it've been a so so long time to access here and I forgot my ID at all so registered new ID to comment. Galaxy? Are Yuna and Soyun objects or goods? I am a Korean and can speak and read Japanese easily(I have been 5 years in Tokyo due to University) and have 4 Japanese best friends. First, Japanese netizen is far more harsher to Yuna than Korean netizen to Mao(Maybe because Mao's name in Korea is not that famous compared to Yuna in Japan). And why when I typed Yuna's Japanese name in Japanese forum, Related search was unreally harsh(Bribe, Witch)? My friends are not like you though.
Galaxy is not goods. Galaxy is universe. It is not goods. If you had account awhile ago, you know uncountable hate comment against Asada. And her movie site is filled with hate comments and hundreds of dislikes. By whom?
Your culture is unique. For reaction from Italy on 2002 world cup, Korean major newspaper wrote: Course of events remembered by loser(Italy) is different from that of winner(Kor).