For fellow nerds like me (lol)...

Just wanted to mention that I have read the book Dreams of Gold by Maynard F. Thomson countless times over the past 5 years, especially leading up to Sarah Hughes dream performance @ 2004 Olympics! In fact, in my mind's eye, Sarah had become the central character in the book (aka Maggie Campbell; no lie). And when she won at the aforementioned Olympics, it just solidified my imagination (lol).

Now, however, I must reassess my imagination. This, after having read the book once again, and taking note of numerous similarities between Miki Ando & Maggie Campbell (moreso than Sarah Hughes by far). In fact, the following is a list of those weird similarities:

1.) both are 5'3"/5'4" in height
2.) both represent Japan (though Maggie Campbell is only half Japanese)
3.) both their first names begin with the letter "M"
4.) both have planned a difficult element in their respective FS (Miki 4S, Maggie 3A)
5.) both skate to Igor Stravinsky's "Firebird"
6.) both wear an understated red dress for their "Firebird" FS
7.) both are coached by a wise & well-respected Japanese coach/sensei whom believes in the 'old ways' (aka pure technique)
8.) both their respective programs seem simple, but they're not, rather it's to show off their pure technique (aka true lutz, few strokes to accelerate speed, perfectly centered flying camel, flow, smooth edging, blur back scratch spin to end the program).
9.) both their respective senseis believe in not overdoing the triples (& quads for Miki) in practice, rather only performing a handful.
10.) both are underdogs...

Better call it a night (lol). However, needed to post about the similarities I noticed in the book. By the way, I'm hoping/praying that Miki keeps "Firebird" for next season (mayhap even for the 2005/2006 season). I really do think she has it in her to perform this gorgeous program the way it was meant to be performed ~ just needs to work on presenting it better ~ let herself go & accentuate each & every movement/make it mean something/take more time to finish each move off. For now, I like what I see (no lie).

Peace, Love & Insomnia, Nadine (8^)

"With the brilliant red soaring wing rising toward the roof, she looked less like a skater than a blazing, mythological creature. She had become the Firebird--a thrusting, electric burst of primal energy. The skater, the moment, and the music had fused." - M.F. Thomson