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Thread: Getting Back Into Skating

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    Lightbulb Getting Back Into Skating

    Hi, I am thinking about starting skating seriously again and wondering if anyone has any advice for me. I originally started kinda late about 14 (I'm 20 now) but I made really quick progress. I was very dedicated and well rounded skater. By the summer I left for college (2 years ago) I had all my doubles except double axel. I was wondering if anyone had any advise for me to get back into it. I think I have a lot of strength still and I know I have the stamina. I've been skating the past few weeks and my singles have all come back to me with suprising height. I'm having problems with my axel. I'm not sure if I'm just scared of it or if I have a swinging hip/arm/leg issue. I'm falling on my left side most of the time and I am a righty (regular counter-clockwise).

    I would really like to know if anyone has advice how to:
    • Gain strength back for doubles
      If it is possible for me to get my doubles back as a 20 y/o
      Fixes for my axel issue

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    It's definitely possible to get your doubles back. I also skated as a kid, quit when I went to university and started again a few years ago. Within a year, I was exactly where I left off before university. Give it some time. I was too scared to attempt an axel for two months. I did work on it for a couple of sessions off ice. When I did try it on ice, I started small - with less speed and height than I would when I was younger - and built up as I started to land them and gained confidence.

    Hard to comment on fixes for your axel without seeing it. You may be leaning outside of the circle since you are falling on your left side. Go back and practice basics. Make sure the waltz jump and waltz jump/back spin feel strong with a good take off.

    I found that strength for the doubles came back naturally as I built up muscle again from singles. You can always do squats/lunges/steps to build strength.

    Welcome back to skating!

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    Getting Back Into Skating

    I agree! I've never done doubles (not there yet, and wasn't there as a preteen when I quit 15 yrs ago) but given that your last doubles were only a few years ago, I don't think it would be too difficult for you to get them back with some training. (Assuming you are generally healthy aside from not being as in shape as before) there are adults out there older than both of is doing doubles, so it is definitely possible. Good luck!
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    I quit skating as a teen ~15yo and started back up recently at almost 23 and was able to do doubles the first day back on the ice (I originally could only do up to 2F). I am fairly lucky because I weigh the same amount as I did before I quit and kept my muscles through ballet training since I quit. However, Since being back on the ice a couple times a week I have developed more quad muscles. When I first did my axel recently I was scared and just tried rotating as fast as I could to get around and gave an awful exit out of the jump, now I am confident I can jump out of the circle and do quite a nice axel. You just need to find your feet and get a bit of confidence.

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