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Not sure if you meant the "guilt" thing seriously. If you did, no guilt needed!

As a musician, your post delighted me. It doesn't matter how one comes to love music -- only that you get there. For me, one of the special pleasures of figure skating (and dance) is seeing a piece take shape in 3D, so to speak. I love seeing how choreographers treat pieces I grew up with and watching skaters and dancers bring them to life.

One of the best examples is Virtue/Moir's exquisite Mahler program from 2010. Watching them, my jaw hit the floor -- never in a million years would I have thought of that music for ice dance, but wow! Same for Carolina's 2014 "Ave Maria." I've never liked the piece very much but Carolina made me hear it in a different way. Now it will always remind me of her lovely skating in Sochi.

Then there was the Shibs' Michael Jackson program this year. MJ doesn't exactly float my boat either (to say the least) but the Shibs made it work for me. Anything that can actually make me listen to MJ, even for a few minutes in a skating program, is nothing short of a miracle!

It's great that we all love skating for so many reasons and bring so many different perspectives to it. Which is just one of the special pleasures of GS. All the best!
Great post! No, I wasn't being serious about the guilt thing; in fact, it's a "guilt" that I feel very fortunate to have. Music and skating are great on their own but you put them together and it can be pure magic. I feel strongly also about both of Patrick's Four Seasons programs. With his footwork and transitions and smooth skating, Patrick helped me hear Four Seasons in a new way.