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Thread: Worth the money?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Risa View Post
    I'd like to thank you all for your advice and comments. I think I'll definitely try IceNetwork this fall and I'm planning to attend Nationals this winter (now I just have to convince my husband to go with me).
    Leave him at home! (just joking) Find a girlfriend who loves skating as much as you do. You'll have more fun, especially if you go for seven days........Better yet, meet up with someone from this forum. I met a few in St. Louis who I chatted with on MKF, and one of them has become a good friend. In fact, we went to Cleveland Nats together and will probably go to Worlds in Boston. You will have a blast. Take in everything you can, every practice, every competition possible, and even volunteer if there are still spots. Buy a program, go to the USFSA Hall of Fame reception (check the USFSA website for details at some point) and people watch. We lived in the arena! I wish I was going this year, but I'll be using my personal days for a couple of weddings. Will have to wait until I retire!

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    I would love to attend Nationals! There really is something special about watching a competition live. A magic feeling in the air. You can hear everything, see everything, feel everything.

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