I think we have no polls but maybe I don't know where they are. Ashley seems to get criticism I find unwarranted. Her pros as a skater for me include great musicality versatility enabling her to skate and dance to much music as her sp and lp showed so well. I find her the most complete artist left on the scene with grace coming on fast. Cesario is among my top five exciting skaters to watch.

I can't help but think her personality causes negativity and the judges register their dislike in her marks. She was screwed in Sochi. Like flatt 5th place would have been fair. I agree she can come across abrasive and talks big but so do many men and they are not penalized. I started this thread to get a sense of her popularity and secondarily why you like her or not. Off ice behavior has ruined the hopes of many a would be ice princess.

Lastly this is a beautiful girl second to none I have seen over the years. It is sad to hear she is old and lacks Hollywood beauty. I really support her as she works so hard had tough breaks with mills who was her perfect choreo and she was skewered after nationals. She has self loathing but showed us she belonged. I was once a huge mirai fan and mite be again but Ashley was so maligned.

I hope people will weigh in as fan or non fan and explain why. She will be number two lady or. Number one maybe again. True thoughts?

I have enjoyed her evolution. Double footing does not take away all she does do so very wel out there.

Skateluvr is a Fan for life