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I think people find Ashley polarising because she's a well rounder skater (middle of the pile, but can hold her own among the best). But more importantly- she's a fully realised person. She knows what she's about, she has opinions which she expresses whenever she wants, she's not a drone. People find that quality refreshing while the rest still want to pretend FS is a pageant where everyone should be a 'packaged' and PR-friendly.

The whole debacle over her inclusion in the team was just absurd. She was always going to be in the team. She needed to be in the team, otherwise the US team would have faltered. Yes Polina proved herself and so did Gracie- but those two performances should have been outweighed by Ashley's body of work anyway. Plus Mirai would have faltered. She showed signs of return but Mirai at the time wasn't any better than Zijun Li having a meltdown.
Nothing scarier to a certain group of people than a woman with an opinion.