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Thread: Video: New pairs team?! Johnny Weir/Hao Zhang

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    Video: New pairs team?! Johnny Weir/Hao Zhang

    Just kidding!

    But see this astonishingly new 10-second video here.

    Filmed by none other than Miss Zijun Li!

    Update: It turns out they were practicing for Artistry on Ice (July 2014) in the style of a traditional Beijing opera. Video can be found here (Johnny is the one in white).

    Zijun and Han also did a super cute duet.

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    I saw the video of the entire Johnny Weir/Hao Zhang performance a week or so ago. It's on Johnny's fb Page I think. It was beautiful and was based on An Opera about a King and his concubine. In the traditional Opera men played all the roles which is why Johnny was selected as the concubine. A real piece of art.

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