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I prefer not to see skaters reuse programs, & I do find situations like Chan's a little ridiculous - yes he has complex choreography & transitions, but so do Takahashi or Abbott & recently Machida, and they for the most part have had new programs every year. However, choreographers are expensive, & that explains why sometimes skaters don't change their programs. Brezina for example said he reused his free skate in 2011-12 and 2012-13 so he would have the money for a good choreographer for the Olympic season instead. That kind of consideration is more understandable for me than the rationale for Chan not changing his program.
Chan keeping Take Five was more than a little ridiculous. He had a dream performance at 2011 Worlds, even getting a couple 10.00s. The following season, the only change he made was switching a flip to a lutz, the rest of the choreography was the same. We would expect an entire second season of clean performances, wouldn't we? Yet the only time he performed it cleanly the second season was at Canadian Nationals; he made mistakes at both his Grands Prix, the GPF, Four Continents, and Worlds.